During your day, you and your wife might talk about many things via the phone, email or texting messages. Topics between couples often include issues about money and bills, problems with the kids, aging parents or other family members and friends. Rarely do couples talk about the elephant in the room: the decrease in marriage sex. Relaxed sexual relations between a husband and wife keep the relationship healthy and bring a spouse and wife closer together.

It’s important to keep an open line of communication to ensure a happy and healthy marital relationship. If you can’t talk openly about sex with your wife, this causes negative issues in the relationship, not just in your sex life.

It’s important to take the lead in your marriage by talking to your wife about sex. Whatever you do, don’t critique her or make her feel she doesn’t measure up. This gesture will not work to improve your sex life. Try a dialogue that encourages your wife to speak about the things she would like to experience in your sexual relationship. But be careful as to what you say as it is very easy to say the wrong thing. Reach out to your wife by showing your willingness to dialogue and try new things.

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