Read on as we share four tips to help couples who are suffering from a sexless marriage

Sex is critical in marriage because it allows couples to have fun together and create a strong emotional bond with each other. So if there is little or if there’s no sex in marriage at all, then this could mean that there’s a problem with your marriage which needs to be taken cared of.

Find out the Reasons

There should be reasons why you and your spouse are no longer getting intimate, so you should find out what these reasons are to properly address the problem. Was it because you fight more often that you are no longer interested in having intimate moments with each other, or was it because of medical reasons? Whatever the reasons are, understanding and knowing the reasons behind your sexless marriage is the key to fixing this major problem in your marriage.

Act on It

Now that you’ve found out the reasons they’re stopping your from being intimate with your spouse, it’s time that you do something to solve the situation. If it has something to do with your regular fights, then come up with a solution on how you could avoid fighting, so you will not lose interest in being intimate with each other. Otherwise, if the reason is that of some medical illnesses, then you better see your doctor for a diagnosis.

Avoid the Blame Game

Never blame your spouse or yourself for your sexless marriage. Instead, you should work together in resolving the problem, and you should both take responsibility for what’s happening. Blaming your partner will just make matters worse, and this can even lead to the destruction of your marriage.

Do Not Resort to Alternative Outlets

Some couples who are suffering from a sexless marriage would often resort to alternative outlets just to fill-in their sexual desires. They would either indulge in pornography, masturbation, alcohol and have illicit affairs. These alternative outlets will just make the problem even worse, and eventually, you’ll find yourself seeking for divorce. Therefore, before you decide to opt for these alternative outlets, you better talk to your spouse and guide each other in resolving these issues of a sexless marriage.

Just like with any problems in your marriage, having a good communication skills with your spouse is the best way to solve the problem. You don’t need to have sex every day, but doing it regularly is critical if you want to keep your marriage strong. If one of you suffers from a medical condition which triggers the sexless marriage issue, then see your doctor immediately so that you will be given proper medication. In the end, if both of you will make efforts in resolving your problems of a sexless marriage, then you will soon have the kind of sex life that you and your partner truly deserves!

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The Dildo To Help Improve Sex Within The Couple – Choosing a Jelly Rubber Dildo

Self-pleasuring or mutual masturbation can be even more gratifying with the use of sex toys, and the dildo is one sex toy that really can make life more fun. There are quite a few different dildos on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which one may be the best for you.

It is with this in mind that a jelly rubber love aid could be the ideal fit for the first time user because they are affordable.

At the cheaper end of the market, the jelly rubber dildo does come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. They do have their fans who love the resilient, bouncy feel to them.

The only real positive to jelly rubber love aid is that they are inexpensive to purchase. It means that they are then great for experimentation so that a woman can find out what she needs from a dildo regarding the shape and size before purchasing an expensive dildo that isn’t right and apparently can’t be returned.

It must be noted that jelly sex toys being made from inferior quality mean that some to contain phthalates which are a chemical that has been linked to health problems in other products and happenstances. It is with this in mind that it is recommended that you use a latex condom when using a rubber jelly dildo.

It is advisable not to use oil based lubricants when using rubber jelly dildos because this may well cause damage to the sex toy. Instead, it is better to use either water or silicone based lubricant.

Dildos can work to improve sex for the both couples in a relationship or just help the individual get the most from self-pleasure.

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My Wife Prefers Masturbation to Sex With Me

My wife prefers masturbation to sex with me. I don’t like it. I feel she does not love me or I cannot satisfy her sexually. Every time I express my feelings to her, she responds by saying she is not hurting anyone. Is there any way to save our marriage? This is one issue bothering a lot of men today. They are not happy to find their wives engaging in solo sex when they are available to provide the same services she desires.

When you want to save your marriage and help your wife to stop masturbation, it is wise you start with an evaluation of the underlying reasons behind her addictive behavior. Masturbation can be healthy at times but when it becomes too much and the main thing, then there is a serious problem.

However, you must realize that your wife loves you and she may be using masturbation as a weapon to overcome some emotional problems.

To help your wife to prefer sex with you to masturbation, you must first show you understand her feelings, and you are ready to help her enjoy every bit of the marriage.

If your wife prefers masturbation to sex with you, you must find creative ways to incorporate clitoral stimulation into your regular sexual activities. Nothing is wrong if you ask to help her with masturbation. Devote a period for just clitoral stimulation and oral sex before you penetrate.

A woman involves in excessive masturbation may be experiencing some strong emotional neglect or some serious pains of the past.

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Listen carefully….

If you want to help your wife to stop masturbation, you must first get her to love you and respect you again. You must win back her love. If you follow exactly what I will recommend to you today, you will be able to deal with a lover’s rejection and make her agree to follow the methods that will help her. It’s simple and super easy once you understand the technique I discovered.

This method is something that I’ve recommended to several people to save their marriage and enjoy the best moments with their spouse with minimal effort.

You can only help your wife to overcome masturbation in an environment where communication is healthy and active. A husband who takes the time to speak with his wife and listens to what she says demonstrates his love and respect for her.