Sex Toys Into a New Relationship

Ok, so barging out of the bathroom wearing a strap on might not be the ideal way to introduce sex toys into a new relationship, equally telling your man how much your dildo pleasures you might make him feel inadequate, but initiating the use of sex toys together in a new relationship can be an exciting and thrilling step to take.

Whatever your level of confidence using toys it’s best to start slow and straightforward, so you don’t intimidate your other half if they are less sure. Begin with enhancers: massage oil or a tingling lubricant is sure to improve any sexual experience. Tease you are and arouse your partner with a soft, feather tickler for a more intense orgasm later. Sex toys can and should be about enhancing your sexual experiences together. People seem to forget that toys can be romantic – if you and your partner enjoy getting wet together; suction handles or foot rests makes shower sex, even more, fun.

There are plenty of toys designed for couples to enjoy together

Experiment with what does it for both you and your partner. Remote control vibrators are ideal for cheeky fun that you can take anywhere. Give your partner the remote control – letting him make you moan in pleasure at the push of the button. Cock rings aren’t just for his pleasure – both of you can feel the joy of a vibrating cock ring: the ring will make his erection last longer, while the vibrations will stimulate her clitoris sending pulses of pleasure for both of you.

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Sex toys aren’t all dildos and strap ons

There are plenty of fun games to get you both in the mood. Play with bad dice or sexual favor cards for fantastic foreplay. You can’t beat a slow strip tease to turn on any man, engage in a game of strip poker for the perfect bit of erotic fun. Not everyone feels confident engaging in role play with their partner – buy yourself a costume that you know will leave your partner begging for more and you will be amazed how confident you can become.

Women might enjoy using their vibrators alone, but men can feel intimated by some toys, suggest demonstrating your vibrator in front of your boyfriend – people are very visual and will love getting turned on watching his partner pleasing herself. A vibrator can provide incredible stimulation for your boy on the head, shaft, and base of the penis. Anal vibrators can help achieve an excellent high for men and women, talk to your partner about what they enjoy and get turned out searching for play things online together.

Sex toys don’t have to mean your relationship is running out of steam; they can be an entirely normal part of your relationship and experiences together. In fact sharing, such an intense, intimate experience with the help of sex toys can strengthen the bond you have with your other half.

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Buying Sex Toys Online

The awareness about sex toys has grown considerably over past few years, and also a lot of people are contemplating the use of these toys to bring fun and exhilaration into their bedroom and relationship. While some of these people end up buying these toys and multiplying their sexual satisfaction levels considerably. Thankfully, the advancements in internet technology can now come to the rescue of such people. Buying from your home is now possible through various websites that are dedicated solely to the sale of different kinds of such toys.

The act of buying over the internet has a lot of benefits over buying them outright from a shop. The best part about placing orders for such toys online is that one does not have to travel up to a variety of shops, deal with the people giving those strange looks and waste time looking for the right kind of sex toy. Also, asking the shop attendant for help regarding the functioning of any of these sex toys is something most people are uncomfortable with. Buying sex toys online, on the other hand, gives the buyer the privilege of shopping from the privacy of his house and at a time of his convenience. Also, this kind of shopping can be done at any time of the day or night, as per the convenience of the buyer.

The websites that sell such products online have an extensive range of these toys that may be used for various purposes. There are pictures of all the toys posted on the site along with detailed information related to the quality and functioning of the toy. The choice of the website has to be very carefully done while buying sex toys from the internet to avoid receiving the wrong product at a higher price. Some websites sell inferior products at cheap rates, but these are made of bad quality raw material and could cause health problems to the users. Hence, choosing an official website must be chosen that uses superior quality products to manufacture their toys are the smarter choice.

Another critical factor to keep in mind before buying sex toys online is to find out of you, or your partner is allergic to any particular material. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to opt for sex toys that are made using hypoallergenic materials.

Sex Toy Shop Online

So instead we decided to see if going to a sex shop online would be more our style. Just the fact that we could sit together at the computer screen and look at all that was available was more pleasing. Just fantasizing about using this or that, or explaining to each other how we would use this sex toy on each other, in total privacy was a definite turn on.

One thing we noticed, were the prices. The toys at the sex shops online were significantly lower. Even after taking into account the shipping costs the final purchase price is much lower than the street shops. Some of these sex toy shops online even had free shipping if you buy more than a certain predetermined amount of dollars.

Once we had figured out the sex toys that we wanted to purchase, we then had the chance to shop around and find the best prices. There are some great price comparison tools out there if look around. Shopzilla and Google Product Search are some of my favorite. They allow searching for a particular product and seeing the different online sex shops that carry them and compare the prices. So getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ is indeed possible (pun intended!).

So all things considered, here are what we find are the pros and cons of each sex toy shop:

Buying from a sex shop online will save you money if you know how to shop and compare. You will also have a much more private shopping experience. We found that shopping from the comfort of our couch was fun, exciting and just led to more sex talk and teasing.


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