Masturbation is one of the earliest and most natural ways in which you express your sexuality and get a lot of pleasure. It sexually stimulates you till you reach an orgasm and is a physical and safe means of giving yourself pleasure. Even though masturbation can be done between two people, most prefer to do it alone. It is a wonderful way in which you can become aware of the pleasure spots in your body.

For most men, masturbation is a regular part of their sex lives. Although rates of masturbation vary widely from one man to the next, it’s the rare man who does not at least infrequently indulge in self-gratification. While masturbation is an inherently pleasurable experience, there are occasions when the practice may lead to some degree of penis pain. Practicing good penis care can aid a man in handling this issue when it arises and interferes with self-pleasuring.

It can also give you a safe sexual release when you are unable to find a suitable partner. The urge to masturbate starts at childhood. As you become an adult, you learn ad develop more techniques and tools to enhance that pleasure. It is critical for both men and women to masturbate at times. This is simply because it is the easiest way in which you can learn how you are aroused.

You are at your most uninhibited state when you are alone and giving yourself pleasure. That is why you can learn it faster. This will not only make your partner’s job easier, but it will also make for some sizzling sex! It is especially important for women, even though it is a common myth that only men do it. Masturbation will teach you whether you prefer g spot stimulation or a clitoral one. It will help you understand what makes you hot, and what does not.

There are some techniques you can try in the bedroom. You can even have someone else do it for you! Mutual masturbation can be a great experience for couples! When you let someone in such a private place, you can fire up your sex life in an instant! Masturbation can be an electrifying and mutually satisfying experience, so go ahead and try it!

Masturbation and Health: The Prostate Benefit

Since masturbation can also benefit overall penis health, the prostate advantage simply adds another incentive for a man to engage in this pleasurable activity.

Not just masturbation

To be accurate, the health benefit to the prostate does not come from masturbation; it comes from ejaculation. Therefore, partner sex that results in a release of seed is also a perfectly acceptable way to upgrade one’s prostate health. So why isn’t the focus on partner sex rather than masturbation?

For two reasons, basically:

– One, the recommended number of ejaculations may be as high as seven per week. While some men are in relationships or situations in which five or more rounds of sex each week is par for the course, there are many others who find their average number of weekly sexual encounters with partners falls below that level.

– Two, many men are not in a partner situation at all for long stretches of their lives. For these men, masturbation is essentially the only regular, dependable option.


The link between ejaculation and prostate health is supported by several studies, including one from 2003 and one from 2004. The first looked at more than 29,000 men and determined that those who ejaculated at least 21 times every month had a 33% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those with less frequent ejaculations.

The second looked at about 300 men. Its findings were that those who ejaculated 4 to 7 times per week had a 36% reduced risk of developing prostate cancer.


Why should releasing semen frequently result in a healthier prostate? That question has not been definitively answered as of yet. However, it is theorized that frequent ejaculation may rid the prostate of agents that could be carcinogenic in nature; if left inside the prostate, they could spur the development of a tumor.

Walk with care

With this news, it may seem that a man might want to do nothing but spend all day pleasuring himself to ward off prostate cancer. While different men have different sex drives, one should still exercise some caution and not go overboard regarding frequency.

When a man subjects his junk to constant pounding, there’s bound to be some damage; even men who masturbate only occasionally often find themselves with a painfully sore penis due to the over-aggressive or over-enthusiastic handling of the tool.

A man needs to find the level of masturbatory activity that benefits his prostate health and still does not result in a penis that is raw or has suffered nerve damage that impairs its ability to deliver sensations of pleasure. The tissue of the penis is notoriously sensitive. It needs time to heal after it’s been given a rough going-over.

Benefits Of Masturbation You Should Know About

While many men hide when masturbating, it turns out that there is absolutely no need for this. Studies show that men could as well be proud of their strange habit of getting a release all by themselves because these private sessions usually have a lot of benefits. This is not only sexually but also health wise. The following are reasons why you should increase the frequency of your masturbating sessions. If you have not yet started getting personal pleasure by yourself, the following reasons will be enough to convince you to learn how to effectively please yourself.

The first reason you should masturbate is that it is effective when it comes to prevention of cancer. While it may be hard to believe, some studies have found evidence to show that men who often ejaculate, about five times in a week, are less likely to contract prostate cancer than those who do not ejaculate as often. In fact, masturbation has been found to decrease the risks of developing prostate cancer by over 30%. This is because, by masturbating, you get rid of toxins from your general system. Getting rid of these toxins is the secret behind masturbation’s effectiveness in preventing cancer.

Just like exercise usually improves the muscle tone of a body builder, masturbation will help you to build your erectile muscles. The pelvic floor of your penile muscles gets strengthened each time you have sex or you masturbate and thus allowing you to have harder erections. While you may be forgiven for many things that come with old age, not being able to perform in bed due to erectile dysfunction and incontinence is not one of them. Old age might just cause this and the only way to keep young down there is to have regular masturbation sessions.

Masturbation is also great in helping a man to last longer in bed. This is because when a man is masturbating, he can train himself to last longer in bed. Through constant training, a man can prolong the time that it takes for him to ejaculate. With no performance anxiety that usually accompanies actual sexual intercourse; a man can learn how to control his ejaculation and thus to boost his performance in the bedroom. In addition to this, masturbating right before sexual intercourse will also help you to last longer simply because men usually take a longer time to orgasm for the second time.