How to Choose a Vibrator for Beginners or Experienced Sex Toy Users

If you and your partner are looking for ways of improving sex for couples may I suggest introducing a vibrator? A vibrator has been called a woman’s best friend and can perform miracles when used before or during sex.

Sex toys are becoming more and more mainstream, and vibrators are the most popular sex toy to help with improving sex for couples. Today there are vibrators for literally every occasion so take your time, do your research and learn what different vibrators do. You may even consider getting more than one.

Rabbit vibrators are very popular, especially for those who prefer dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. But there are many other types of vibrators available for those who are looking at ways of improving sex for couples.

There are vibrators specifically designed to enhance g-spot stimulation for the ladies and prostate stimulation for men. Other standard vibrators used for improving sex for couples include bullet/egg types, finger types, mini types and clitoral/discreet types of vibrators. Some vibrators are waterproof for extra fun in the shower, bath or hot tub and you can even get vibrators that have remote controls so you can give the driver’s wheel to your partner.

If you or your partner haven’t explored the sex toys available today, you will be surprised by the wide range and variety available that are perfect for improving sex for couples. While classic and traditional models are still available for your erotic pleasure, there are those that have so many bells and whistles you and your lover won’t want to leave the bedroom.

Rabbit Vibrators Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Calling all ladies out there! Rabbit sex toys were first made famous in a 1998 episode of a particular American sitcom featuring the leading character Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends. Since then they have rapidly grown in popularity making them the most loved sex toy for females available today and one of the most popular adult toys overall.

What Makes Rabbit Sex Toys So Special?

Rabbit sex toys, also known as rabbit vibrators, can do what male partners sometimes fail to deliver – they can arouse the clitoris while at the same time providing intense internal stimulation. What helps to distinguish rabbit sex toys from other vibrators in the adult market is they do not just possess a vibrating shaft but also feature the rabbit which is powered independently of the shaft. It’s the vibrating ears of this feature that invigorate the clitoris. This type of toy can, therefore, provide simultaneous internal and external gratification.

What Types of Rabbit Vibrators Are Available?

There are dozens of different rabbit vibrators available for purchase so which ones are the best to go for? Since their popularity began to increase, rabbit sex toys have become more sophisticated. The majority of rabbits include pleasure pearls (the number of which varies from rabbit to rabbit) inside of the shaft which rotates when the controls are activated to increase levels of internal satisfaction. There are also rabbit sex toys available that are completely waterproof and are therefore perfect to use in the bath or the shower or somewhere a little more exotic such as a hot tub. The appearance of the shaft can also vary greatly between different models. Some rabbit sex toys have horizontal axes while others have pleasure nodules or ribs on the outer surface.

The shaft on few rabbit vibes and has a curved end to better target that elusive g-spot! The size of both shaft and the rabbit can also differ. In fact, the rabbits themselves aren’t always rabbits but can be in the form of dolphins or bears to name but a few. Rabbit sex toys are also available as strap-ons and double simulators which provide synchronous clitoral, anal and vaginal gratification.

Ultimately, the choice of rabbit vibrator is all down to individual preference. However, an important thing to consider if you have not tried rabbit vibes before is to start off with something small and work up to more advanced models. Smaller models are not just more manageable but are a cheaper starting point with the least expensive beginning at less than ten pounds while the more advanced models can quickly reach the seventy pounds mark.

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Six Reasons to Use a Vibrator

Who doesn’t need an orgasm? When you orgasm, you release hormones that give your body a stress release that nothing else can match. It’s why our society wants sex so much – it feels so good. But what if you don’t have a partner or want an orgasm when your partner is not around? Well, the obvious answer is to use a vibrator. Personal vibrators can give you the orgasm you need when you need it, even if your partner is non-existent or not available. Here are six genuine reasons to use adult vibrators to achieve orgasm.

Better Health

We all want to live healthy, happy lives. Scientists have proven links between better health and having an orgasm regularly. Yep, that’s right – using your vibrator is as important a step for your health as exercising, eating healthy foods, and even brushing your teeth.

Less Stress

Stress is just a part of our daily lives. We live in a busy, polluted environment, juggle hundreds of tasks a day, and try to balance our jobs, our homes, our friends, our family, and everything we need to do. Today’s woman is far more stressed than her counterparts of decades past. We need to learn ways of relaxing and reducing our stress levels. Regularly using a personal vibrator helps your body to relax in ways that best reduce stress. Taking just 20 minutes of personal time a day to use your vibrator can help you reduce tension and get ready to deal with the stresses of the day.

More Orgasms

Some women who enjoy sex with their partners may not always reach orgasm. Using a vibrator with or without your partner can give you the orgasms you want to have. You can use a vibrator to get you to fever pitch and then allow your partner to take over to give you that vaginal orgasm you want. Some women never actually achieve a vaginal orgasm until they use a vibrator. The best part of using a vibrator is that you can have an orgasm when and where you want to, even if you are alone.

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Control Your Sex Life

Using an adult vibrator can give you more control of your sex life. There are some times in life when sex with your partner is inadvisable, or you just feel horny, but you don’t necessarily want to engage in the whole relationship to get sex. Your personal vibrator can give you that control to enjoy an orgasm without having to have sex. Won’t you feel more relaxed on a first date if you release your tensions first? That way, you won’t feel like you HAVE to have sex, just because you are feeling horny.

Increase Your Chances of Orgasm with a Partner

Using adult toys in your sex life can help you to increase your chances of orgasm with a partner. Using a personal vibrator helps you to learn what you like and how you want to enjoy sex so that you can share this information with your partner. Using a vibrator regularly can help your body to recognize the signals of orgasm easier and you may find you start to enjoy more orgasms with your partner. Your partner can also use the vibrator to add extra stimulation to your sensitive areas during foreplay or sex to increase your chances of a fulfilling orgasm.

Enjoy Sex More

When you use a vibrator, you will enjoy sex more. You will know what turns you on and how to achieve that elusive orgasm. Using a vibrator can make you feel free and comfortable having sex with a partner, so you will relax and enjoy sex more. You have a greater chance of achieving an orgasm with a personal vibrator.