Lease your partner or add fire to your sex life? People make mistakes in bed all the time. Just ask any sex therapist. You can avoid the pain and embarrassment that can occur by correcting them according to the following advice.

Tip No: 1
Try not to be nervous or anxious while in bed to make sex better for her. If there is one way to destroy passion in bed, it is the worrying of one or more of the partners. Worrying while in bed tells your partner that you’re anxious about the kids, paying the bills, work, the laundry, or whatever, and that these are more important than having a better sexual experience with your partner.

Tip No: 2
Don’t let yourself get overly passive if you are looking for better sex for your marriage. It may be easier to have your partner do the work but he or she will soon catch on, and they will be disappointed in the sexual experience. You will be, too.

Tip No: 3
Never force your partner to do something. Even if you say “pretty please,” your partner will feel forced to action, and it will be something they won’t want to do. Don’t trick them into doing something your partner abhors. It won’t work for a better sex experience in your marriage and will drive a spike between you.

Tip No: 4
Stay away from bad timing. If your partner has had a bad day and feels lethargic, this isn’t the time to ask for or expect a sexual encounter…even if you feel in the mood.

Tip No: 5
In addition to the above better sex for marriage tips, stay away from bad technique. Don’t choke your partner by forcing your tongue down their throat. Don’t treat your partner like he or she is a trampoline and don’t simply rub your hands over your partner’s body. There aren’t any hard and fast rules but ask your partner if you aren’t sure.

What Should You Do Instead?

1. Take the opportunity to relax before sex, either alone or with a partner. Listen to music or take a bath. Get a massage…whatever it takes to tune into your body and away from other thoughts of the day.

2. Get a sense of how active a role your sexual partner wants you to take and follow through with that. Be more active in sex, even if it feels a bit awkward so as to create a perfect marriage with excellent fun filled sex life.

3. Try to negotiate what you both want before the sex act to create a better sex experience for your marriage. Tell your partner what you want and find out what he or she wants. If your partner objects to what you want, find out the reason. See if there is a compromise you can make to have a good intimate experience for you both.

4. Find out when your partner is more likely to be susceptible to good sex and do what you can to create a positive mood for him or her.

5. Bad technique is just as bad to make sex better for her. Don’t rely on porn to figure out the best ways to have better sex. Instead use a good sex manual or DVD to teach you proper technique. The best advice is to slow everything down and learn from your partner what he or she wants to be done.

If you are looking for better sex for your marriage, there is no excuse for being poor in bed; have some fun practicing how to be the best lover now.

Sex in Marriage – How to Get Her in the Mood for Sex – Even After Marriage

While a lot of people joke that sex in marriage is a myth, the reality is that married people have far more sex than singles do. Even still, it can become stale, and life can get in the way of everyone’s libidos. Women tend to be the victims of the lowered libido more often due to the crazy pace of life. Husbands, pressuring your wives to have sex only makes things worse. Instead of that tactic, let’s focus on some more effective strategies to get your wife “in the mood.”

Maintain emotional intimacy

This is probably the most important libido optimizer for women. Sex isn’t just a physical act for your wife. Women require a connectedness with their spouse to enjoy and seek out that physical relationship. It’s important to take steps that make both of you feel close to one another. This requires time together. Yes, life can be crazy but are you making your marriage (and more importantly – your wife) a priority?

What happens outside the bedroom is just as important as what happens in the bedroom

For women to enjoy sex, steps need to be taken before any touch occurs. Your attitude toward your wife has a lot to do with how satisfying your sexual relationship will be. Wives that feel cherished are more interested in having sex. They are also interested in making that sexual encounter, even more, fulfilling for you as well.

Partner with your spouse

Kevin Leman has a great book called, “Sex Begins in the Kitchen.” It emphasizes the need for couples to be good partners in life. The days of the husband were working and the “little woman” staying home are over. Roles aren’t as distinct. Most marriages have two wage earners. Your wives don’t just need emotional support but need you to step up and help with the kids and the housework. This is just another step in helping them feel cherished which will translate well in the bedroom.

Don’t forget the past

What were those little things you used to do for one another early in your relationship? You remember – those things that made your belly quiver with desire and love. It’s easy for couples to get “comfortable” and stop making those little romantic gestures. These don’t have to extravagant. They can be the ordinary things that caused you to fall in love with one another. Don’t stop doing these! And if you have, make a list of 5 of them and begin doing just one right away. They will have a huge impact on helping you feel closer to one another.

Do these things take time? Do they take energy? Of course, they do! A great marriage isn’t just something that happens. It takes a LOT of time and energy. Isn’t your wife it, though? The result is a satisfying marriage and sex life.